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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2252 zebra knowledgeable
“It wasn’t Worriless Nie? It was subsequently Nameless Nie…? How is the fact that possible…”
As a result, Si Xia always think it is Ye Wanwan who wiped out Grand daddy and never estimated to blame to generally be Nameless Nie!
Nameless Nie responded to prior to when the elderly male could answer.
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Thus, Si Xia always thought it was Ye Wanwan who murdered Grandfather and never estimated to blame to be Nameless Nie!
Seniors man’s gaze inadvertently landed on Nameless Nie.
Iceberg person: “?”
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Ye Wanwan silently looked at Nameless Nie. That black color-robed man… was probably this brother of hers, wasn’t it…
“How could… how could you make an attempt to murder your Grandpa?!” Madam Nie demanded grievously.
“Back then, Worriless and that i got a disagreement, and then we ended up intending to deal with it through a spar. If Worriless earned, I would tune in to her, but if I won, she’d listen to me.” Aging adults male collected his thought processes and continued: “However, for the duration of my spar with Worriless, resulting from different factors, she accidentally seriously hurt me.”
Nameless Nie clarified prior to when the aging adults man could answer back.
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“I know. You stored Ling Miao,” Nameless Nie mentioned.
Patriarch and Madam Nie had been startled and turned into Nameless Nie in astonishment.
“Killed by Worriless…?”
“Nameless, Grandaddy got not one other choice.” Senior citizens mankind shut his eyes and solemnly mentioned, “The Arbitration Authority positioned an invioable order. When I didn’t do as they quite simply said, the results would’ve been very serious. Additionally, I didn’t wipe out Ling Miao and taken her to the Martial Arts Union rather. She’s been under cure all combined.”
Si Xia furrowed his brows seriously, caught in disbelief.
“Back then, Worriless plus i experienced a disagreement, and we were actually gonna fix it via a spar. If Worriless won, I would personally listen to her, but if I won, she’d tune in to me.” Aging adults mankind obtained his opinions and carried on: “However, during my spar with Worriless, because of various factors, she accidentally harmed me.”
“Killed by Worriless…?”
“Dad, who made it happen?!” Madam Nie quickly questioned.
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Ye Wanwan silently considered Nameless Nie. That dark-colored-robed man… was probably this buddy of hers, wasn’t it…
“It was me.”
Senior citizens guy glanced at Iceberg Mankind behind him and reported, “Jingmu, you inform them.”
“Nameless, Grand daddy had not any other choice.” Seniors male closed his eye and solemnly mentioned, “The Arbitration Authorities positioned an invioable order. Generally If I didn’t do as they quite simply explained, the consequences would’ve been really serious. Furthermore, I didn’t destroy Ling Miao and delivered her back in the Martial Arts Union alternatively. She’s been under treatment all alongside.”
Even so, Nameless Nie still didn’t destroy Grandpa and merely left behind just after seriously hurting him.
“Grandpa, what across the world happened…? Weren’t you… weren’t you murdered by Worriless Nie?!”
“How could… how could you attempt to murder your Grandaddy?!” Madam Nie desired grievously.
Si Xia furrowed his brows significantly, stuck in disbelief.
“I know. You rescued Ling Miao,” Nameless Nie reported.
“He murdered Ling Miao,” Nameless Nie finally addressed after a moment of silence.

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