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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? zany workable
“Director Si, shouldn’t you give me a description for today?” Yi Lingjun’s phrase was menacing.
Si Yehan and Yi Lingjun ended up the one folks the living room area.
“It’s my fault.” Si Yehan didn’t make an attempt to shield himself and admitted his mistake immediately.
Yi Lingjun nodded in gratification. “On condition that you’re informed. You’re great, but you still have to pay attention to a girl’s reputation…”
Si Yehan’s speech softened quickly. “You’re alert.”
Yi Lingjun harrumphed. “You will still recall the has an effect on? Regardless if you’re inside of a relations.h.i.+p with my girl, you will still haven’t hitched yet. What appropriate behaviour could it be to shell out the evening together?”
Yi Lingjun nodded in pleasure. “So long as you’re mindful. You’re fine, but you still have to concentrate on a girl’s reputation…”
“Mmm… so noisy…”
In any case, Si Yehan seriously listened to all the things Yi Lingjun mentioned and neither justified himself nor clarified back. He even confessed his bad of his personal volition, and by incorporating thoughts, he were able to liquefy over half of Yi Lingjun’s fury.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Mn…” The mild speech lured Ye Wanwan back to dreamland.
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Finding Ye Wanwan awoken via the disturbance, Si Yehan frowned and comfortingly patted her for the head. “It’s nothing at all, hold slumbering.”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Disbelief stuffed Ye Wanwan’s facial area instantaneously. “What have you say? Rest in distinct spaces? You’ve known me for such a long time do you think I found myself vegan?”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Director Si, shouldn’t you allow me a description for nowadays?” Yi Lingjun’s manifestation was menacing.
“You’re extremely perfect, President,” Si Yehan agreed upon.
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Although Ye Wanwan couldn’t even opened her vision, she still accurately sensed Si Yehan’s location and went toward him.
“I wish to discover where your negligence is situated,” Yi Lingjun sternly demanded, similar to a father-in-regulation screening his son-in-legislation, his location stauncher than Ye Wanwan’s real dad, Nie Huaili.
“Chief executive, in the event you please.”
Disbelief filled up Ye Wanwan’s deal with promptly. “What do you say? Snooze in individual rooms? You’ve recognized me for such a long time did you believe I was vegan?”
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“It’s my mistake.” Si Yehan didn’t try to defend himself and admitted his error straight.
Si Yehan: “…”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Si Yehan replied, “I should’ve viewed as the affect on Wanwan.”
“Mn…” The delicate sound lured Ye Wanwan back to dreamland.
Wasn’t this Director Si?
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“Baby…” The sight of Ye Wanwan hazily pattering downstairs was spotted promptly immediately after.
“Leader, should you you should.”
Yi Lingjun was righteously lecturing his boy-in-rules secs ago, but his confront turned genuine black color when he been told his little girl.
“Leader, should you you should.”
Yi Lingjun investigated Ye Wanwan’s sloppy actions and angrily glared at her before dismissing the housekeeper and taking walks to your living area with Si Yehan.
Right after Ye Wanwan halted behind the sofa, Si Yehan changed his top of your head and Ye Wanwan naturally curved down and smacked a kiss on his cheeks before complaining, “You offered you are going to sleeping with me. How would you operate off halfway?”
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This att.i.tude made Yi Lingjun not able to unleash just a tinge of his wrath.
As Yi Lingjun performed his obligation as a daddy and seriously lectured his future boy-in-legislation, footsteps ended up read from upstairs.
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This att.i.tude produced Yi Lingjun unable to unleash even a tinge of his wrath.
Wasn’t Eldest Overlook too astonishing? She originally thought Eldest Pass up was merely showing kindness for Director Si, nevertheless it acquired only been two or three days yet still Eldest Overlook obtained already taken him to her your bed!
“You’re extremely correct, President,” Si Yehan predetermined.

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