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Chapter 1646 – The Dragon Network’s heavenly tribulation, its mental strength is that bad? supreme smell
When he couldn’t understand anything in anyway, he could examine it and physique it.
Song’ Pain Endurance Better Additionally, this level of agony is not really much’ Shuhang.
Melody Shuhang also zoomed the photograph on the telephone, and thoroughly considered the entire image.
Having said that, right behind him, he could truly feel a warmer touch.
Track Shuhang suspected, “Is the Dragon Network’s heavenly tribulation finally giving up energy? Or is it that my endurance for pain has gone up to the next level? Or maybe it that only the 101st influx of discomfort was special?”
Extreme blood flow reduction got this type of symptom?
Tune Shuhang guessed, “Is the Dragon Network’s incredible tribulation finally burning off potential? Or is it that my tolerance for pain has increased one stage further? Or possibly is it that just the 101st wave of suffering was distinctive?”
In the long run, his gaze dropped about the inexplicable number from the male around the edge of the altar.
Song Shuhang carefully deemed these tattoos.
Following discovering Track Shuhang get out of bed, she smiled. “A’Song, you are alert.”
At this point, one more brutal soreness a.s.saulted Tune Shuhang’s physique.
For a moment, he felt that this hazy-faced guy was him self.
The wings expanded and transformed into a set of large wings.
See, in reference to his Resurrection Yellow gold Coin still simply being on cooldown, Track Shuhang could make it through the Dragon Network’s 6th Stage tribulation without a trouble in one night.
Melody Shuhang paused right after observing this QR policy. His consciousness then traveled to cover the drop of ‘ancient divine witch blood’.
“Haah.” Music Shuhang nodded.
It was actually like a large swarm of bees was humming as part of his head.
“Then, eh… my small gold center,” Track Shuhang suddenly exclaimed.
The Dragon Network’s tribulation still tirelessly a.s.saulted him with ‘severe pain’, assaulting his will.
“Fairy Looking forward to a Assure.” Music Shuhang felt handled, and explained, “You’ve can come.”
Historic witch G.o.d blood stream was actually a darkish gold decline of divine blood flow. At the moment, it had been engrossed in a chaos of repeatedly overlaying QR codes… That had been the layout the wonderful divine blood stream got established following soaking up the 55 Celestials.
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Tune Shuhang rubbed his brows.
After some time, a intense sensation of blood damage and lack of strength surged within his human body.
There was suddenly a negative premonition within his heart.
When he is at thinking, Piece of music Shuhang listened to a humming seem in the brain.
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His stomach area damage, so do his liver, and thus performed his stomach.
Following seeing Track Shuhang awaken, she smiled. “A’Song, you are awake.”
It appeared that there was a regular supply of blood vessels running beyond his body, and slipping onto this altar.

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